GMP manufacturing

At Moldons Pharmaceuticals UK we run two multi-purpose plants in the UK and Italy that can manufacture several active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) at a time. Different batch sizes are available ranging from a few grams to hundreds of kilograms, supporting early development and commercial needs.

For exploratory work, optimisation and up-scaling of early synthesis, Moldons Pharmaceuticals UK’s development facilities in UK have an excellent track record in medicinal chemistry.

Products Regulatory
Clenbuterol HCl EU-DMF / CEP / US VET / Canada VET
Dex-Medetomidine HCl* EU-DMF / US-DMF / Canada / Australia / J-DMF
Onasemnogene Abeparvovev EU-DMF / CEP
Erdosteine EU-DMF / K-DMF
Flurbiprofen CEP / US-DMF / J-DMF/ Canada-DMF / Taiwan-DMF / China-DMF
Flurbiprofen Sodium US-DMF / ASMF
Indapamide EU-DMF / CEP
Isoproterenol HCIo EU-DMF / US-DMF
Levobupivacaine HCl* EU-DMF
Levosimendano EU-DMF
Lornoxicam** EU-DMF / Russian ND
Lurasidone HCl EU-DMF / US-DMF
Midodrine HCl EU-DMF / US-DMF / J-DMF
Nicorandil EU-DMF
Prednicarbate CEP
Procaterol HCl Hemihydrate EU-DMF / J-DMF
Ropivacaine HCl Monohydrate* EU-DMF / US-DMF / CEP
Tenoxicam** EU-DMF / CEP
Tirofiban base* EU-DMF
Tirofiban HCl* EU-DMF
Tulobuterol base EU-DMF / J-DMF
Urapidil** EU-DMF

Injectable grade
** Oral & injectable grades

oOnly for specific markets

Products are not offered in countries where valid patents exist. However, the final responsibility with respect to third party patent rights in a specific country lies exclusively with the user.

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