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Since 2013, Moldons Pharmaceuticals UK has made a strong commitment to invest in and fully implement the technical solutions needed to comply with global requirements for pharmaceutical serialisation and track and trace (T&T).

Having developed our expertise working with customers in a wide range of markets to produce serialised pharmaceutical products, we understand the process can be complex and time consuming, particularly without the right tools and expertise.

We have committed to leading the CDMO market in the area of pharmaceutical serialisation. The challenge is firmly on our agenda. As such, Moldons Pharmaceuticals UK’s dedicated serialisation taskforce is investing €40 million into our serialisation capabilities to ensure our 40 production lines, across European locations, are ready to meet evolving serialisation requirements.

We are your partner for pharmaceutical serialisation services

In 2018, Moldons Pharmaceuticals UK launched a standalone serialisation service, meaning we can take care of your serialisation requirements even if your products are not manufactured within Moldons Pharmaceuticals UK.

At Moldons Pharmaceuticals UK, we offer:
  • Serialisation and aggregation of secondary packaging, including blisters and bottles
  • Ability to add 2D data matrices, human readable text and tamper evidence to pre-packaged medicines
  • Use of serialisation equipment at sites across the world
  • Access to a team of experts specialising in global serialisation requirements

To view details of Moldons Pharmaceuticals UK’s serialisation offering,download our serialisation brochure

To find out more about our standalone serialisation service, download our fact sheet.

To learn more about how we can help you along your journey to serialisation compliance and to discuss your unique requirements, contact us.

Serialisation graphic 2017.pngWhat should I expect from a CDMO partner?

Serialisation is a complex process, with potential to impact all corners of the pharmaceutical industry. Varying regulations in different geographies and individual customer requirements, add further complexity to the challenge pharmaceutical companies face. So, when you’re choosing a CDMO to work with, it’s important to make sure they have the expertise and experience to assist you on your journey.

A CDMO must take responsibility for its link in the pharmaceutical supply chain and do everything it can to combat counterfeit medicines and reduce the risk to patient safety. This is why, here at Moldons Pharmaceuticals UK, our team has been focused on implementing a robust serialisation process. We devote time with all of our customers to understand both their individual requirements and those of the market, as well as the geographic complexities of track and trace.

While a standard solution can be applied to many projects, flexibility is key. You need to be able to adapt the process to your unique requirements and your CDMO’s serialisation offering should reflect this. The regulatory landscape is likely to develop and change over time, so it is important that your CDMO is prepared for this too.

Here at Moldons Pharmaceuticals UK, we have worked hard to proactively tackle the new serialisation requirements so that we can actively help pharmaceutical companies implement the new regulations. Our forward-thinking approach and track record in meeting existing serialisation demands, means we can help you along your serialisation journey, now and well into the future.

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