Moldons Pharmaceuticals UK has the capabilities to deliver your project from development through to the manufacture of large commercial batch sizes of tablets, capsules or powders. With significant experience in developing and manufacturing modified release products, our technology transfer teams can ensure smooth up-scaling and site transfers.    


Moldons Pharmaceuticals UK handles general APIs as well as some special substances such as thyroid and sexual hormones, corticosteroids and controlled drugs. Beta-lactams are handled in a dedicated facility. 


Solid dosage forms are manufactured with conventional technologies, including fluid bed granulation and water/organic solvents based coating. In addition, Moldons Pharmaceuticals UK has expert knowledge and a state of the art facility for manufacturing pellets with layering technology. Powder, crystals and pellets can be used as the starting material. The final pellets can be processed into tablets or filled into capsules or sachets, providing excellent means to fine tune the release profile of the finished product. 

High performance, fully automated equipment for sachets allows Moldons Pharmaceuticals UK to deliver a competitive manufacturing service for large volume powder products, which is a particular area of expertise for the company.

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Our team can help supply your clinical trial and commercial needs.